Haverer Group is a Hong Kong based company, facilities set up in Shanghai & Jiangsu, mainly produce Litz wire, Aluminum tubes, Steel and stainless steel strips, Bars, etc. Our customer including ABB, AOC, Samsung, Sanyo, LG, Ericsson, etc.
Litz Wire for Detector, Plasma power, Transformer
HAVERER GROUP is a leading manufacturer of Litz Wire, USTC wire in China. below is the details of our Litz wire product, and our product mainly for transformer, detector, plasma power etc electrical equipment.
0.03mm (48AWG) * 675 & 4200 strands, Double serving 
0.05mm (44AWG) * 5 strands, Double serving, for LED TV & LCD TV.
0.05mm (44AWG) * 50 strands, Double serving, with OXYGEN -FREE copper wire
0.05mm (44AWG) * 1650 strands, Double serving
0.06mm (42AWG) * 5600 strands, Double serving
0.08mm * 4strands, without serving
0.125mm (36AWG)* 7 & 9 strands, Single serving 
0.125mm (36AWG) * 2100 & 2250 strands, NOT Serving for Cable co. 
0.100mm * 2700 strands LITZ 
0.100mm * 3200 strands, Kapton covering, Rectangular type.
0.210mm * 1558, 2204, 2983, 3810 4773 strands 
0.450mm * 531 strands for Plazma power supply etc 
up to 0.120 mm x 8600 strands for Plasma power supply etc
and Double silk covered ( DSC ), or Nylon covered to be available. 
Also we can produce the Litz wire according to your requirement, please email us your SPECIFICATION at sales@haverergroup.com, our SALES TEAM will be here for you.
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