Haverer Group is a Hong Kong based company, facilities set up in Shanghai & Jiangsu, mainly produce super austenitic stainless steel tube, nickel based corrosion alloy tube, VSOP & VISION web offset press, PETG film, optically clear PET-G film, etc.
PVC film|PVC card film

HAVERER's PVC card films offer a smooth and clear look that is suitable for card and tag applications of all types. PVC card films are compatible with roll laminating systems for streamlined, high speed card manufacturing. These films feature high optical clarity and credit card-type gloss levels along with a printable surface for variable card data.

PVC Card Laminating Film Highlights:
    Printable surface for variable card data

MADE by HAVERERGROUP, high quality guaranty.

Usually size for ID card, Bank card, 
80micron x 297mm x 423mm
330micron x 297mm x 423mm
80 micron 
x 295mm x 480mm
300 micron x 295mm x 480mm

Please send us your requirement to Sales@haverergroup.com; alan.wang08@gmail.com, our SALES TEAM will be here for you!


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