Haverer Group is a Hong Kong based company, facilities set up in Shanghai & Jiangsu, mainly produce Litz wire, Aluminum tubes, Steel and stainless steel strips, Bars, etc. Our customer including ABB, AOC, Samsung, Sanyo, LG, Ericsson, etc.
Enameled Wire

HAVERER GROUP produce the enameled wire by themselves.  

Enameled wire is wire (such as magnet wire) coated with a very thin insulating layer. It is used in applications such as winding electric motorcoils, speakers and transformers. It is also used in the construction of electromagnets and inductors.

HAVERER GROUP produce the enameled wires more than 30 years. care about the grade and covereing layer, and the quality meet the standard of DIN.

Enameled wires are classified by their diameter or area (square millimetres), temperature class and isolation class. Enameled wires are manufactured in both round and rectangular shapes. Rectangular wire is used in larger windings to make the most efficient use of available winding space.

Breakdown voltage depends on the thickness of the covering, which can be of 3 types: Grade 1, Grade 2 and Grade 3. HAVERER GROUP manufacturing it in Grade 2.

The temperature class indicates the temperature of the wire where it has a 20,000 hour service life. At lower temperatures the service life of the wire is longer (about a factor 2 for every 10 ¡ãC lower temperature). Common temperature classes are 130, 155, 180 and 220 cetigrade degree.

Size Range: 0.016mm - 1.0mm

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