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X120Mn12 Steel Plate | hadfield steel wire

HAVERER GROUP produce the Hot-rolled steel plate X120Mn12 (DIN 1.3401) high manganese steel with  fully austenitic,  fully annealed steel with high level of wear resistance. Non-magnetic with 11% - 14% manganese. X120Mn12 also named Hadfield steel, it is discovered by an UK engineer Mr. Hadfield, so it is named Hadfield manganese steel.

Chemical Composition: C 1.1 - 1.3%, Si 0.3 - 0.5%, Mn 12-13%, Cr 0.01 - 1.50%, P 0.05%, S 0.05%

The Impact resistant plate and wire X120MN12 (ASTM A-128) are used in mining equipment and the machine manufacturing industry.  X120MN12 is used in the production of shot blast machines, large jaw crushers, etc. X120MN12 has been used in U.S. market for 20 years and is accepted by most domestic and international customers.   Depending on the deformation of the surface crystalline structure, X120MN12 Manganese plate can work-harden from HB170 to HB550.  It also thrives on severe wear conditions. The more impact and hammering it receives, the harder the surface becomes. This characteristic, known as work-hardening, plus the fact that it remains ductile underneath, makes it a most effective steel in combating impact and abrasion. The quality and performance is stable, and installation and replacement of X120MN12 Manganese steel plate is extremely convenient.

Details of hot rolled steel plate:

3*1200*3000 (any length)

4*1200*3000 (any length)
5*1200*6000 (any length)

also the casting of X120Mn12, X120Mn13 is available in Haverer Group.

Mainly application: strongbox, shot-blasting machine, excavator, shipyard company, iron and steel mill, heavy industry plant, etc.

Hadfield steel wire, mainly is 6mm diameter for production, others please contact our sales team.

Please send us your requirement to
Sales@haverergroup.com, our SALES TEAM will be here for you!

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