Haverer Group is a Hong Kong based company, facilities set up in Shanghai & Jiangsu, mainly produce super austenitic stainless steel tube, nickel based corrosion alloy tube, VSOP & VISION web offset press, PETG film, optically clear PET-G film, etc.
C50(SAE1050) C60 Steel Strip|Steel Tape


HAVERER GROUP proud to produce steel strips (coils) with carbon content 0.45 - 0.68%
Steel strip coils for heat treatment,
Toe Caps,

Shoe Shanks,
Automotive components,
Tape Measure, etc.

C50 (SAE1050), C60 (SAE1060), 40Mn (ASTM 1039), 40Cr(ASTM 5140),65MN steel coils

For dimension and shape tolerances: EN 10140
For technical conditions: per EN 10132-3

Thickness: 0.03mm - 3.50mm
Width:     4.00mm - 1250mm

Soft annealed,

Slit edge,
Round edge.
Hand safe edge.

Coils and spools on Pallets.

Please send us your requirement of steel strip coils to Sales@haverergroup.com, our SALES TEAM will be here for you!

Details of Soft Annealed SAE1050 steel strip coils:
Cold rolled steel strip coils in quality SAE 1050, according to ASTM-A-682-93 and ASTM-A-684-M86, spheroidized structure, annealed (min. 95% of the grains), grain size No. 8 or finer according to ASTM-E-112, hardness 61 - 78 HRB, aiming for maximum 75 HRB, square cut edges No. 3, regular bright finish No. 2 or matte finish 20 - 45 RMS aiming without decarburization (max 1% of the strip thickness per each side).


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