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Collator|LPY-04 Step & repeat numbering machine

HG-Collator LPY-04, Step & repeat numbering machine, it is for gathering pages (continuous forms) together (usually 2 - 6 pages), with number printing. this machine is Next to L470-2C. continuous forms machine. pack to pack machine.


Please send us your requirement of continuous forms machines (collators) to Alan.wang08@gmail.com, our SALES TEAM will be here for you!

printing machine LPY-04 prinitng equipment Numbering&collating machine Once 1-6 pages, double slitting, high-efficiency production. Wide paper feeder, paper convey smoothly; paper guide by pinhole, positioning precision; four claw locking side, binding firmly; Speed is adjusted with the frequency converter, operate simply; null detecting, automatic stop. Paper collection platform. Electric liftting. Ink clutch, ruber roller durable. PLY-04 can make bar code .

PLY-08 is universal numbering type, numbering diferent size numbers through set procedure  without changing nubering machine. It suit production of size changing freqently. Operation flexible and fast.

Technology prarameter:
Max pape width:                            490mm
Numbering length:                         28"(PLY-04type)14"(LPY-08type)
Folding size:                                 7”~14”
Gathering sheet:                           1~6.
Paging speed:                               80m/min .
Numbering speed:                          80m/min(LPY-04type) 400numbers/min(LPY-08type)
Power:                                         380V         50/60Hz
Main motor:                                  3KV
Current:                                       8A
Packed weight:                             800kg
Dimensions(Length*width*height):  3900mm*900mm*1500m

HavererGroup Zhongluo machinery company produce Luota brand business forms machine, now we already sold 2100sets, 50% in China, 50% to Sri Lanka, Turkey, Uzbekstan, Ukrain, Pakistan, Kenya, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Bulgria, Syprus, etc.

Please send us your requirement of continuous forms machines to alan.wang08@gmail.com, our SALES TEAM will be here for you!

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