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Collator|LPY-04 Step & repeat numbering machine

HG-Collator LPY-04, Step & repeat numbering machine, it is for gathering pages (continuous forms) together (usually 2 - 6 pages), with number printing. this machine is Next to L470-2C. continuous forms machine. pack to pack machine.


Please send us your requirement of continuous forms machines (collators) to, our SALES TEAM will be here for you!

printing machine LPY-04 prinitng equipment Numbering&collating machine Once 1-6 pages, double slitting, high-efficiency production. Wide paper feeder, paper convey smoothly; paper guide by pinhole, positioning precision; four claw locking side, binding firmly; Speed is adjusted with the frequency converter, operate simply; null detecting, automatic stop. Paper collection platform. Electric liftting. Ink clutch, ruber roller durable. PLY-04 can make bar code .

PLY-08 is universal numbering type, numbering diferent size numbers through set procedure  without changing nubering machine. It suit production of size changing freqently. Operation flexible and fast.

Technology prarameter:
Max pape width:                            490mm
Numbering length:                         28"(PLY-04type)14"(LPY-08type)
Folding size:                                 7”~14”
Gathering sheet:                           1~6.
Paging speed:                               80m/min .
Numbering speed:                          80m/min(LPY-04type) 400numbers/min(LPY-08type)
Power:                                         380V         50/60Hz
Main motor:                                  3KV
Current:                                       8A
Packed weight:                             800kg
Dimensions(Length*width*height):  3900mm*900mm*1500m

HavererGroup Zhongluo machinery company produce Luota brand business forms machine, now we already sold 2100sets, 50% in China, 50% to Sri Lanka, Turkey, Uzbekstan, Ukrain, Pakistan, Kenya, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Bulgria, Syprus, etc.

Please send us your requirement of continuous forms machines to, our SALES TEAM will be here for you!

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